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Waeco Cool-Ice 85
Waeco Cool-Ice 85
Part Number: WCWCI-85

High ambient temperatures, uneven terrain, rough seas, salt water, dust and mud - what can still keep cool under these conditions?

The new Waeco iceboxes, that's what!

Equipped with extremely effective insulation and packed with cold packs or ice cubes, they keep good, fish, bait and game fresh for up to several days depending on use and weather conditions. Here's another number that speaks for itself: 5 year warranty. Finally, every detail of these boxes, whish are seamlessly moulded from high-impact plastic, is designed to stand up to the toughest conditions.

The food-safe iceboxes are lightweight, easy to transport and can be tied down securely on board. The melt water drain makes the coolers especially easy to clean.

  • Extremely low heat absorption
  • Highly effective PU foam insulation combined with an intelligent labyrinth seat
  • Large polyethylene feet for better stability and slip
  • Long life performance

This model -

  • Storage Volume              86 Litres
  • Dimensions                     835mm Width x 435mm Height x 495mm Dimension
  • Weight                             13.1kg

Price: 189.00 (Including VAT at 20%)