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TC 21 FL TropiCool
TC 21 FL TropiCool
Part Number: WC9103022935

Thermoelectric cooler with TC special electronics

Gross capacity: approx. 21 litres
Voltage: 12/24 volts DC and 230 volts AC
Power input: approx. 55 watts at 12 volts DC,
approx. 60 watts at 24 volts DC,
approx. 80 watts at 230 volts AC
Average running time: 35% at +20C ambient temperature
Temperature range: Cooling mode: +1C to +15C (up to 30C below the ambient temperature); heating
mode: +50C to +65C
Insulation: Solid polyurethane foam
System: Wear-free thermoelectrics (Peltier system), cold transmission to the interior by dynamically ventilated aluminium heat exchanger, heat dissipation to the outside with high-performance heat exchanger and brushless, wear-free fan
Material: Sturdy, injection moulded parts
Colour: Dark grey/pale grey
Weight: approx. 6.0 kg
Quality features: TC special electronics, 7-stage electronic thermostat with LED indicators, memory function, ON/OFF and cold/warm option activated with soft-touch operating panel, intelligent powersave circuit; integrated mains supply unit with priority circuit, outstanding cooling performance, magnetic switch to deactivate the interior fan when the box is opened, detachable lid with magnetic lock, sturdy, fold-away handle, vertical space for 2-litre bottles, adjustable grid divider
Test mark: TV/GS, e-approved to 2006/28/EC (Automotive EMC Directive)
Item designation: TropiCool TC-21FL
Ref. No.: TC-21FL-AC
Accessory Universal fixing kit
Ref. No.: UFK-T
Voltage monitor 12 volts 5 A
Ref. No.: M-50U-12

Price: 176.57 (Including VAT at 20%)